Having been a busy mom, retail manager, and pastor's wife, I know what it's like to put everything and everyone else first.  
During my year on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss I shed 165 pounds. But, more than that, I found balance and peace of mind.  I gained an overall wellness that I haven't had in years.  

Being fit and staying healthy is so much more than eating right and exercising. 
It truly is a lifelong journey.
I learned what it takes mentally, physically, and spiritually to make big changes and find success.  After feeling stuck for years, I tackled my fear of failure and finally lost the weight that had burdened me for 20 years.  Along the way, I silenced my inner critic and found the peace of mind I had been craving for so long.  

I would love to share my experiences and lessons I've learned with your church, business, or organization.  My hope is that by sharing my experiences, I can inspire others to make changes in their lives.  I believe that being fit and having overall wellness is so much more than a number on the scale.  Click the box above to check my availability today!