My Top Eleven Fitness Memes

We see them all the time.  Fitness Memes.  Funny, poignant, inspiring, sarcastic.  They run the gamut.  I've picked out my Top Eleven (because I just couldn't stop at ten!) Fitnesss Meme favorites, that ring of the absolute truth in my healthy living journey.  I am sure many of you can relate.  Let me know which ones you love!

One Pound at a time.  You gain it one pound at time.  You lose it one pound at a time.  Don't freak out and go off the rails if you gain one pound.  Focus, get back on track.  And don't freak out if you "only" lose one pound in a week.  It's a pound in the right direction! Every pound counts. 

Lesson one in any healthy living journey is realizing you are important and that you HAVE to begin to keep your promises to yourself.  All those years you've spent not keeping your promises to yourself has taken it's toll on your health.  When you tell yourself "It starts Monday", or "I'm going to the gym after work/in the morning"... DO IT!  Don't keep telling yourself one thing and then doing something else. You keep your promises to your friends, your family, your co-workers, now do it for yourself!

I often get asked how long it takes to stop being sore when you start working out for the first time.  My response- If you're doing it right, never!  I am consistently sore! And I love it!  Soreness just means you worked your muscles hard.  They are repairing and getting stronger. We've all had those days when we have to "trust fall" to the toilet and it's OK! But did you die?

Amen!  This is my life.  Starting a workout plan at 315 pounds wasn't easy and my knees hurt ALL. THE. TIME.  Every day.  For months.  Was it because I was doing crossfit and cardio?  Nope.  It was because for every pound you weigh, each step puts 4 pounds of pressure on your knees.  That's right.  I was taxing my knees with over 1,000 pounds when I walked.  Years of obesity took their toll on my knees.  If you have correct form and consistently do squats, they will strengthen your legs, not harm you.  

This is still hard for me.  I work out five days a week at 5am.  I sacrifice a lot of sleep and time at night with my husband to keep this schedule.  Do I look anything like the girl in this picture?  Nope.  Not at all.  I have loose skin, cellulite, big legs...but it's me.  And I have had to learn to accept that at 47 years old and 20 years of being obese have gotten me to where I am.  And where I am is SO much better than being 315 pounds and on a path to long term health problems.  So, let's focus on being the best "me" we can be today, and not compare ourselves to others.  

This!  This, people! This could not be more true.  We tend to reward ourselves and our kids with food.  Good grades, let's get ice cream!  Family is in town, let's eat ALL THE FOOD! Got a promotion, let's go out to eat!  Food is our way to celebrate and reward ourselves.  And for many of us, those "rewards" become a daily habit and we end up in a horrible cycle of rewarding the very body that we have come to hate.  Let's treat our bodies well and not punish ourselves with eating crappy, zero nutrient food.

Oh my goodness!  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this.  Let me reiterate, lifting weights will not make you huge.  Cardio will burn calories, but muscle burns fat.  Isn't that what we want?  To be strong and burn fat?  Adding weight training will do that for you!  Women, do not be afraid of weights.  You don't have to do crossfit or throw around a huge heavy barbell, but PLEASE, add some dumbbells or kettle bells to your workout.  Don't just jump on a treadmill five days a week and call it good.  Weights are your friend!

We all hate burpees.  We do.  But, they work.  The reason they are hard is because they are working your entire body.  So when you feel like your trainer ALWAYS makes you do burpees, there is a reason!  They're going to work for you! So, next time you're doing burpees, don't cuss your trainer under your breath, tell her thank you! She's just got your best interest at heart!

Pretty much.  Some days we feel like rock stars at the gym, and some days we struggle and want to cry.  Or if you're me, you do cry. Working out shouldn't be easy. It should have some level of suckage. If you can cruise through your workout, you're probably not pushing yourself very hard.  I want to push myself.  I want to be out of breath, sweating, gasping for air, muscles shaking when I'm done.  I want it to suck.  And then I want to come back tomorrow and do it again.  

We've all go them.  Those unflattering or downright awful pictures of ourselves.  When you lose 100+ pounds like me, there are definitely some cringeworthy pics out there.  Embrace them!  Use them as motivation to never go back. And on the flipside, if you are in a place that you are not happy with how you look and you never take pictures, get over it!  Your family just wants pictures of you, no matter what you weigh.  Stop putting off family pictures until you lose the weight.  Take the pictures!


Had to.  I don't post every day, but as someone who has lost weight and has a passion for staying healthy, I certainly post my fair share of gym pics.  But hey!  I just want to give a reality to what it takes to lose weight and WORK so hard to try to keep it off.  

I hope you like my Top Ten Fitness Memes!  Let me know which ones you can relate to, or drop a comment to let me see your favs! Here's to the meme makers who keep us inspired and laughing all the way to the gym!