Living Out My Why

My “Why” was fully lived out last Friday.  It was the day my daughter got married. I was proud to be in pictures and I don’t dread getting them back from the photographer.  This would have never been the case just two years ago.  Many times I was asked, “Why are you ready to change?” or “What is it about your weight that bothers you?”  One of my biggest reasons was to get healthy for my family. One of the nagging thoughts I always had when thinking of my daughters’ weddings was that I did not want to be the “fat mom”.

If you looked around my house, you would see tons of family pictures.  But I was not in any of them.  There are dozens of pictures of my girls, but none of Scott and me, or of all of us as a family.  As my girls got older, I knew the day was coming that they would walk down the aisle. I always dreaded having to take wedding pictures, knowing we would look at them for the rest of our lives and there I would be in all my size 24 glory.  And what in the world would I wear?  The choices at size 24 are limited.  I was sure I would never like what I wore. 

But, thankfully, that did not happen! I will not spend the rest of my life inwardly groaning when seeing Chelsea’s wedding photos.  I can’t wait to see them! It feels so great to know that the pictures will be around for the rest of our lives and I won’t hate them.  I know I can’t be the only one to have had these thoughts.  How many of you are putting off family photos, waiting until you lose weight?

Having my “Why” kept me motivated during my year of transformation.  I would often dread working out, or struggle with cravings, but when I pictured myself thin, enjoying life with my family; it would keep me on track. 

Another part of my “Why” was my relationship with Scott.  We married young, had our girls when we were pretty young, and knew that we would be young “empty nesters”.  We always talked about how much fun we were going to have when we were not tied up with daily parental duties.  However, as Francie graduated from high school, I found myself weighing over 300 pounds and nothing was fun.  I was tormented by my weight, and realized that the time had come when Scott and I had more time to ourselves to go on dates, travel, and do whatever we wanted to do.  But, all I could think about was how terrible I looked and being afraid that people would mistake me for his mother.  Ouch. 

Scott and I have found a new lease on life and it has completely changed our marriage.  We have a mutual love for working out. Date days have become hiking, or working out together.  We still go out to dinner, but we have new favorites that are much healthier than before.  We spent several days in Phoenix, hiking, working out, and speaking together for Chris and Heidi’s “Be Your Best” program. We are heading to New York City soon to tape an episode of Dr. Oz, and we are looking forward to another trip later this year for our 25th anniversary.  I am finally living the life that I always wanted to.  My “Why” has become my reality. 

So, as Chelsea married last week, I reflected on how different the time leading up to the wedding was now. I would have been so stressed about how I looked.  Dreading the pictures, dreading being escorted down the aisle in front of everyone, exhausted from the set up and tear down the day of the wedding.  Instead, I found the perfect dress, easily climbed up and down a ladder to hang lights and decorations, and I was excited to be escorted by a great friend of hers to my seat.  It was a fantastic day!

I’ve shared about some of my Whys.  What is your Why?  What is it that will keep you motivated?  When you lie down at night, what is it that you dream about doing?  Whatever it is, find a way to make it happen.  It doesn’t have to be weight related.  I can say that wanting something so badly, and making it happen is the one of the best feelings in the world.  Don’t wait another day, another week, another year, wondering how you can change.  Decide today to do something to get you a step closer to your “Why”!