Interview with Chris & Heidi Powell

I recently spent several days with Chris and Heidi Powell at their home in Arizona.  I was a first hand witness to the busy lives they lead.  We worked out early each morning, often with their kids in and out of their garage needing breakfast, or just saying a quick “good morning” as they woke up.  Balancing a healthy life, family time, and the work they do with Extreme Weight Loss and many other projects keep them busy.  I had a chance to sit down with them and talk about how they manage it all.  Find out what’s inside a “Powell Pack” school lunch box, and what they suggest to someone who is desperate to get started on their own weight loss journey.

Chris and Heidi are passionate about what they do transforming lives, and it begins at home.  Packing healthy lunches, spending quality time with their kids, and inspiring others to get healthy.  What can you take from their suggestions?  What is one promise you can make to yourself?  What are you packing for your kids each day for lunch?  Is there something you can do today that moves you to a healthier you?